We create exciting and informative classroom posters all about Computer ScienceICT and Related Subjects. We just got a bit sick of seeing every classroom with the same old posters explaining the Data Protection Act using nothing but size 12 Tahoma‚Ķ

Buy some, they’re cool.


Our most popular product, a series of posters that explain the key concepts in programming without mentioning any specific language.

Data representation / Mathematics for computer science

One of the most difficult things to get right is the various conversions and mathematical skills used in simple data representation. This range of posters offers a simple explanation, example and clear visual style to brighten up your classroom and inform students.

Most of the posters are paired up so that similar procedures can be placed next to each other to aid in expanding understanding.

Includes both methodologies for storing signed integers which is valid up to and including A-Level.

Introduction to python

A series of posters designed to display key chunks of programming code in Python for students who are learning. Really useful to classrooms where students are learning the skills of Python development and need syntax reminders that are easy to reference in the course of a session.





Coding / Programming Literacy for Python

An extended version of the best selling Coding Literacy series with specific exemplar code for Python, including code snippets and a special additional poster that covers all validation types needed for GCSE and A-Level Computer Science.

This series ommits constructs and symbols not used in Python, and includes a more useful and specific selection of  information that is more relevant to the Python developer.





MISC. COmputer Science Posters

Programming keywords is a modern take on literacy posters that covers the majority of key programming terminology.

Binary Logic shows basic gates and truth tables in an accessible format.

X86 displays the mnemonics of the full x86 instruction set in a cool format.

The CPU is a breakdown of the componenets of the CPU up to A-Level standard, in a nice visualised format.

The Von-Neumann poster pair envision everyone’s favourite Computer Scientist / Mathematician in a rock band style. Includes Fetch-Decode-Execute and John Von-Neumann key-dates-tour-poster.

I heart curly braces is an irreverant take on our favourite programming symbols.

Avoiding Muppetry in the Computer Room is a retro inspired, friendly way to enforce classroom rules.