Unit 2 Revision Resources

Unit 2 Resources


You’re going to need to build web pages based on a bunch of tags, here are links to repls that you can fork to practice the questions


A complete guide to Assembly language, watch at 2x to get through them in time for your exam.



You’re going to need to write your own algorithm in pseudocode, stuctured english or basically any programming language (as long as you’re in Wales)

Greenfoot revision sheet & Working 2019 ANTS scenario

Grab the revision sheet and the zip file containing my reworked (and working!) version of the 2019 Ants9 Scenario. Now you can actually do the past paper question all the way to the end 😭!

GREENFOOT WJEC Computer Science Ocean 11 Example Workthrough

Workthrough of the WJEC Ocean 11 Greenfoot Scenario for the GCSE Computer Science. This scenario uses two user controlled characters and two different counters to keep score during the game. It also has a lot of collision detection.

2019 WJEC Computer Science Past Paper Workthrough

A workthrough of the WJEC Computer Science GCSE 2019 Exam Paper, Unit 2, Greenfoot section. This was the exam paper that had the last few questions cancelled because it was written in the wrong version of greenfoot, therefore the counter based questions don’t actually work – this is a feature, not a bug.

Greenfoot tutorial

I got sick of all those Greenfoot tutorials that went, “Do this, do that”, because where’s the reason? Why are you doing that?

So I made my own. A comprehensive set of videos taking apart why we do each step and actually teaching you stuff about Object Oriented Programming.

It’s also got animation and custom built graphics so everything is easy to see and follow along with.